Teflon®FEP Gas Sampling Bags


    Teflon®FEP Gas Sampling Bag is made of Polyperfluorinated Ethylene Propylene (F46), film thickness is about 0.07 mm (called Teflon FEP by DUPONT USA). FEP film is the most chemically resistant film in the fluoropolymer family, low adsorption.

    The melting temperature of FEP film is 260℃, so the difficulty of sealing for FEP is far greater than PVF(Tedlar) and PVDF(Kynar), in 2003 our company successfully solved the problem of FEP films difficulty to heat sealing, for the first time in our country with FEP film made of gas sampling bags, sealing evenly flat, shrink small, high strength.

    Teflon®FEP is one of the most chemically inert materials for making gas sampling bags, it works well in extreme temperatures ranging from –400° to 400°F, allowing it to be used in most stack sampling conditions. 5 mil FEP film is completely resistant to the most severe corrosives, relatively low permeability results in minimal sample loss. FEP bags can be specified for applications involving rough handling.

    Our FEP sampling bags come with patented valves. The materials of the valves are Polycarbonate(PC) or Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) or Polypropylene(PP); Depending on inlet orientation, there are two types of valves: one type is that the inlet in vertical to the film, the other one type is the inlet horizontal to the film, both valves have the same functionalities: has on/off function; has a sample cap with septum inside for syringe sampling purpose, both valves are easy to use. One advantage of horizontal valve(side opening) is touse less storage space.



  • Features:

? very low permeation of gases through the wall of the bags
? superb resistance to chemicals,strong acid,strong alkali,strong  corrosion and organic solvent,low adsorbability.

? water vapor osmotic quantity is 1.3g/m2.24h.0.1Mpa, oxygen osmotic quantity is 2400cc/m2.24h.0.1Mpa(the data is the measured value,not the guarantee value)

? Standard Teflon®FEP Gas Sampling Bag Sizes:

0.5L, 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L, 8L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, 40L~6000L or customized size.