About Us


      Dalian Hede Technologies Co., Ltd. is located in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city in north of China. Hede is a high-tech chemical enterprise integrated with R&D, manufacturing and foreign trade, specialized in the supply of gas sampling bags and related products.

    After years of growth, we have now become a professional chemical manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Our product scope covers a wide range of chemical materials including gas sampling bags, valves and fittings, gas sampling bottles and so on.

Aluminium-plastic composite film is composite made of nylon membrane(PA),aluminum foil(AL)and polyethylene film(PE)with two-component adhesive.It can be used for light sensitive gas samples preservation,Mainly used for conventional analysis of sampling,filling stable chemical properties gas,e.g.oil cracking gas,natural gas,coal bed gas,smoke gas,ambient atmosphere,technological process reaction gas and inorganic gas such as nitrogen hydrogen oxygen argon gas.
Tedlar?PVF Gas Sampling Bag is made of polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film produced by DUPONT USA,film thickness is about 0.05 mm.It is the ideal choice of the VOC detection,used to solid VOCs residual detection.Such as automobile engine,automotive parts,household items pollution detection.
Teflon?FEP Gas Sampling Bag is made of Fluorinated ethylene propylene(F46),film thickness is about 0.07 mm(called Teflon FEP by DUPONT USA).FEP film is the most chemically resistant film in the fluoropolymer family,low adsorption. It is suitable for high accuracy PPM and PPB analysis sampling, it can collect and save all kinds of strong corrosive and high chemical activity of gaseous、liquid samples and VOCs samples.