Review: Lane Exact Detail 1972 Oldsmobile 442 W30 Viking Blue Convertible





Highs: An absolutely stunning model. Paint is a metallic blue, and on mine it's flawless. Not a single scuff, scratch or blemish anywhere, which is nice to be able to say. Features many of the same details as the Cutlass SX models: working suspension, fully plumbed and wired engine, opening doors, hood, and trunk. On this, as on the SX models, the wheels match the paint....the Viking Blue paint and matching blue wheels look great as you can see in photos below. Car sits perfectly, with accurate stance and proportions. It's an excellent piece both because Lane did such a great job with it and because the real car makes for an exciting diecast.

Lows: Just like Lane's other Cutlass models, car does not have carpeting, something not added until the Firebird series. When I first got mine out of the box, I thought maybe I had a defective convertible boot cover, as it had a crease in it. I contacted Eric Trapp, at Lane Exact Detail, and requested a replacement. The replacement also had the crease! An email to Eric revealed that the crease is supposed to be there...Lane was trying to create the look of a real top, and how it might be creased in real life because of the flexible material used on the real car. I didn't figure that out on my own, maybe others did. It's not important, just something to point out.

Summary: Of the 3 Olds models I have, this is my favorite. I don't think it's any more expensive on the market than the black SX, and probably not any harder to find either (maybe easier). Like many Lane products, the Viking Blue 442 is available on ebay and on many internet sites for less than original retail price. If you can land one for under $75, it will be money well spent. It's far nicer than many of Lane's earlier pieces...I own an older Lane Shelby, and have seen the older Lane Camaros, and the Oldmobiles are worlds better. So if you use the earlier Lanes for reference, and are please with them, you'll love the Oldsmobiles.



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